MGD Advance Lid Cleanser

Patient Testimonials for MGD Advance

The MGD Advance eyewash improved the condition almost immediately and while my eyesight was not improved as evidenced by a follow up exam, everything appeared brighter and my eyes were more comfortable... The improvement in discomfort level went from discomfort about 1/2 of the time to almost no discomfort at all.”

– Lynn H.

The use of MGD eyelid cleanser has greatly reduced my dry eye symptoms. The itch is gone while the excess tearing has diminished approximately 98%. My visual acuity is also vastly improved. Use of MGD is very easy. Overall, the use of MGD has really improved my situation. Virtually everything I do is easier and more pleasant. ”

– Louis H.

[After] MGD Advance eyewash for cleaning and moisture, I noticed improved comfort (35 percent) as well as vision within the first week. Not only am I able to see better nearly 15 percent better, my eyes appear brighter and more attractive!”

– Pamela M.

I am eternally grateful to my doctor for introducing me to the simplest, least expensive, and most effective treatment for my dry eye condition. My eyes are at last relieved!”

– Martha W.

The use of MGD Advance have prevented another episode of dry eyes.”

– Samuel S.

This product, when used several times a week, has helped me avoid irritation. My eyes feel clearer and cleaner as a result. I have not had a reoccurrence of the symptoms since I began using MGD Advance.”

– Karen H.

I started using MGD advance lid cleanser February 7, 2005 twice a day, every day. It felt so good and refreshing to use and with 4 weeks, I began to notice 70% improvement with my dry eye symptoms. My eyes felt less like sandpaper, the redness was not as apparent, and the burning had subsided. By 6 weeks, I was 90-95% symptom free.”

– Martha W.

Since using MGD advance lid cleanser my eyes feel cleaner and I see clearer. I use to use eyedrops 6-8 times a day. Now I never need to use eye drops. Your product is easy to use and has been the only effective way of treating my dry eyes.”

– Earl B.

Since using MGD eyelid cleanser about five weeks ago, my eyes have improved tremendously. My eyes were itchy, red and burning. After the third week my symptoms diminished by at least 40%. Before using MGD, I could not do anything without my glasses. Now my vision has improved about 50%. I can also now drive without the aid of my glasses during the daytime.”

– Elizabeth L.

I have been using MGD eyelid cleanser for about 3 years, to help with my dry eyes. Before treatment I was experiencing itching, redness, blurriness, and excess mucus in my eyes. Since using your product, my eyes don’t itch, and the mucus is under control. I would say that I have experienced substantial improvement”

– Louis L.

I now see much better and no longer do my eyes feel dry or hurt.”

– Patricia A.

...Everything looked so much clearer even though I didn't have my new prescription yet.”

– Elizabeth S.

The itching and burning disappeared, the need for artificial tears ended, my vision cleared and I did not need a stronger eyeglass prescription!”

– Cynthia K.