MGD Advance Lid Cleanser

A Revolutionary Lid Cleanser.

OSD Technology has developed the MGD Advance Lid Cleanser: a never-before-seen lid cleanser that uses a specially-formulated compound to promote lid health and hygiene, by removing oil and debris from the eyelids on a daily basis to create a healthy tear layer.

Cleansing helps prevent a compromised tear layer: Your tear film is made of three layers, mucous layer, adhere tears to the surface of the cornea. The middle layer, secreted primarily by the lacrimal glands, generates the watery aqueous layer of the tear film that washes the eye. Of most of concern is the outer most, oily layer, produced by tiny Meibomian glands located along the edge of the eyelid. This oily layer helps regulate and stabilize the entire tear film and prevents evaporation, which causes a "compromised tear layer"

Cleansing improves Meibomian glands function: Encouraging the performance of Meibomian glands is crucial. Cleansing prevents build up of debris, dust, grit, pollen, smoke particles, skin flakes, and makeup and is a simple and easy preventative measure avoid Meibomian gland clogging. Meibomian gland dysfunction is a major of cause of evaporative dry eye.

Removes debris, skin flakes without stripping: MGD Advance Lid Cleanser has four special surfactants that ensure gentle cleansing without excessive damage to the skin's surface. Superior cleansing agents removes debris such as dust, grit, pollen, smoke particles, skin flakes, and makeup. Removal of debris reduces the risk of eye infection by eliminating the environment where microbes and bacteria can proliferate.

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